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August 29

The Auteurs: Gaspar Noé

One of the most controversial filmmakers working in cinema today, Gaspar Noé is someone who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of film and provoke audiences in the process. His films are often provocative tales that feature graphic and honest depictions of human sexuality. He is also not afraid to show the brutal ugliness that […]

May 20

The Auteurs: François Ozon

One of the key figures to emerge from the new wave of French directors in the 1990s, François Ozon is a filmmaker who refuses to be pegged into any one genre. The openly gay bad boy of French cinema, Ozon’s talent and ambition has made him one of France’s top filmmakers. He continuously refines his […]

September 30

The Auteurs: Jane Campion

Considered to be one of the most influential female filmmakers around the world, Jane Campion is someone who makes films on her terms. She has given a voice to female characters that hadn’t been displayed in a lot of films. Matching poetic imagery with stark stories about women struggling with their identities, Campion’s work has […]