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September 17

TIFF 2017: Suburbicon

The peaceful community of Suburbicon, an idealistic 1950’s destination for those who like their Americana to be filled with apple pies and white picket fences, is turned upside down when the Meyers, an African-American family, moves in. While the folks in the community would be the first to state that there is not a racist […]

October 24

TAD 2014: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

The Coen Brothers are notorious for their liberal interpretation of “based on a true story”. The best example can be found in the 1996 gem Fargo, a film that opens with a stark message claiming that the crime tale was inspired by a true event. It is obvious to most that it was indeed a […]

April 23

Talking 1996 Oscars on The Dew Over Podcast

The Dew Over is a weekly podcast that aims to right the wrongs in movie and pop culture history. Host Jamie Dew has assembled a revolving panel of film lovers to talk about all things Oscars! Randomly tackling a given year, the panelists discuss their thoughts on the best picture nominees and try to determine […]