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November 08

The Auteurs: Terry Gilliam

One of the co-founding members of the famed British comedy troupe Monty Python, Terry Gilliam is a man with a distinct artistic vision. His wildly imaginative films often deal with men battling all sorts of realities. While he has gained much praise for his works, Gilliam has also been viewed as a pariah within the […]

July 24

The Auteurs: Michael Cimino

Michael Cimino is one of the most controversial filmmakers to emerge from the New Hollywood era of the 1970s. Known for creating visually striking films, Cimino has the uncanny ability to keep the subject matter contained despite painting on a wide canvas. His name is synonymous with both success and failure. He went from being […]

October 02

World War Z

I always find it interesting when I hear people lament about the Zombie genre running its course. Though the genre has lost a step or two since George A. Romero unleashed Night of the Living Dead, the increasing success of the series The Walking Dead proves there is still lots life left in the realm […]