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March 08

Eddie the Eagle

For anyone that has followed the world of ski jumping, or British Olympic history, Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards is considered a legend. Despite having never won a medal, he proved that dreams can come true if one is determined to make them happen. In Dexter Fletcher’s biopic of Edward’s life, aptly titled Eddie the Eagle, […]

March 23

The Auteurs: Julian Schnabel

Initially gaining fame as an artist, Julian Schnabel transitioned his creative passions into films that explored individuals dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. While Schnabel only has a handful of films under his belt, and an overall approach to filmmaking that differs from his peers, he has quickly emerged as one of cinema’s […]

July 24

The Auteurs: Michael Cimino

Michael Cimino is one of the most controversial filmmakers to emerge from the New Hollywood era of the 1970s. Known for creating visually striking films, Cimino has the uncanny ability to keep the subject matter contained despite painting on a wide canvas. His name is synonymous with both success and failure. He went from being […]