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March 11


There is an undeniable sadness that flows throughout Majdi El-Omari’s directorial debut. Similar to prisoners in a chain gang, each of the characters in El-Omari’s film are bound by the events of their pasts. Unable to shake the emotional ghosts that haunt them, they wander through life on a fragile tightrope whose tension is about […]

February 15

TBFF 2015: Sound of Torture

Meron Estefanos sits at a sparse desk in her home in Sweden conducting her Voices of Eritreans radio show. The Eritrean ex-pat is speaking with a caller over the phone whose been kidnapped in the Sinai Desert. The woman’s Bedouin captors torture her on air hoping that the screams of pain will encourage her relatives, […]

February 15

TBFF 2015: The Supreme Price

After an extended absence, Hafsat Abiola finally returns to her homeland of Lagos, Nigeria, a place she was forced to flee after the events that occurred following her father’s, M.K.O. Chief Abiola, presidential victory in a free election in 1993. The victory was short lived as her dad, who never took office, was imprisoned after […]

April 24

Hot Docs Review: Vessel

Fresh off of its debut at SXSW Film Festival, where it won both the audience award for documentary and a special jury citation for “political courage”, Vessel is an electrifying look at Dr. Rebecca Gomperts’ activist group Women on Waves. Founded in 1999, Women on Waves is an organization that aims to offer safe abortions […]

April 24

Hot Docs Review: Ukraine is Not a Brothel

Dripping with confidence and visual flare, Kitty Green’s debut film Ukraine is Not a Brothel is as bold as its subject matter. The film aims to shed a light on FEMEN, a Ukrainian feminist activist organization most famously known for their topless protests. Outraged by the fact that the world at large think of Ukrainian […]