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January 29

Last Chance to See Kiarostami Exhibit and Film Series

For those who have not made it out to the Abbas Kiarostami: Doors Without Keys exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum, or its companion piece film series Seeing Beyond the Visible: The Films of Abbas Kiarostami, time is running out. The exhibit which has been going strong since November will be coming to an end […]

January 05

The Auteurs: David Lynch (Part 3)

Part 3: (1993-2002) After several highs and lows, this particular period found David Lynch defying expectations. While he continued to make films that challenged audiences, he also showed that he was still more than capable of making works that had mainstream appeal. Hotel Room After two-years of working in television, David Lynch was planning to […]

July 05

Netflix Pick: Certified Copy

How does one define art? Is it about the form? Is it the emotion it evokes from the observer? Does it need to be a unique piece? Can a copy be artistically on par, if not supersede, the original work? These are just a small sample of the numerous questions raised in Abbas Kiarostami’s mesmerizing […]

January 06

The Auteurs: François Truffaut (Part 2)

After a decade that redefined cinema, the French New Wave movement came to an end in 1970. Many of the influential figures in the movement were forging their own identities in the world of cinema. For François Truffaut, the 70’s mark decade where he would make a slew of diverse films. These works didn’t just […]

December 19

Blind Spot: Close-Up

A few months ago while watching F for Fake, another Blind Spot selection, for the first time, I found myself intoxicated by the way Orson Welles playfully blurred the lines between fiction and reality. Welles used the notion of truth, and the film’s apparent reliance on it, as a ruse to manipulate the viewer’s notions […]