A bizarre film that is hilarious, sad, disturbing and surreal, Diamantino is determined, maybe too much so, to be as ludicrous as possible. Somehow within this wild film lies a surprising emotional core.

The titular character, Diamantino (Carloto Cotta), is the best soccer player in the world who brings shame onto himself and his country. The film is an accurate statement on how quickly people are to judge athletes who fail on the biggest stage. After Memes of his reaction to his own failure begin to emerge on the internet, Diamantino decides to quit the sport.

This decision is much to the displeasure of his hilariously exaggerated twin sisters (Anabela and Margarida Moreira) who are more interested in the money he makes than his emotional state. They prey on his naive nature and feast on it hungrily. The film fully hurls itself into absurdist territory when an alone and depressed Diamantino decides he wants to adopt a refugee (Cleo Tavares) and start his new life.

At the behest of his twin sisters, he starts seeing a new doctor who is working on cloning Diamantino, without his knowledge. The goal? To create a super team of football players, of course!

The plot is almost too silly to work, but the humour and self-deprecation binds the film together. Despite craziness at hand, Diamantino finds a way to pose interesting questions about the nature of companionship, A very strange film that never takes itself seriously, Diamantino is gleefully absurd and socially relevant.