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January 01

Bajirao Mastani

Bollywood received a stunning jolt at the end of December with the release of Bajirao Mastani. There’s a lot that the film offers, but its cinematography undoubtedly walks off with the game. Finding creative ways to use lighting and colour to make sets look both flamboyant and stoical is tough feat in itself, however, cinematographer […]

November 30

The Female Pioneer of American Experimental Cinema: Maya Deren

Rebellious visual artists have always given the world of cinema a distinctive aesthetic. Experimental films, therefore, continue to help cinema remain an art in itself. In an age when Hollywood was producing large scale films with clear narratives, directors like Maya Deren persistently created films which knocked audience off-balance and often left them uncomfortable and […]

October 09

Manjhi: The Mountain Man

On the surface, Manjhi: The Mountain Man is a fairy tale: easy fancying, hard believing. That doesn’t, however, quash the fact that it’s a true story despite all the oddities of it being one. The film begins in the middle of the action, as we watch the anguished male protagonist trying to set ablaze a […]