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November 25

BITS 2015: Chiral

When Canadian filmmaker Karen Lam has an idea, I always brace myself for the ascension that’s about to commence. With her body of work, there is nowhere to go but within, exploring minds that conjure other dimensions and expand reality. A horror filmmaker by brand, Lam additionally makes her imprint in dark fantasy, creating works […]

June 10

80’s Library: Child’s Play

Every holiday season, I cannot shake observing the perils of mass consumerism. The television commercials alone seriously make me question why I even continue to watch live network television in the age of digital streaming. The craftiness of the advertisements has gotten some of us thirsting for the latest electronic device under the Christmas tree […]

May 14

Attack the Block

Long is the list of science-fiction mediated texts that deals with social issues, especially race. Vic Morrow’s character was forced to confront his bigotry in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) and the shift of social power that was the authority of Black folks as their integrity and compassion was tested for the mercy of whites […]

March 19

Race, Vigilantism, & Zombies in Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs

Horror’s true effectiveness is executed when its busy making us uncomfortable in our comforts. The everyday and mundane that lures us into a false sense of security can become the very sight of anxiety. Wes Craven’s mission as a storyteller early on was to do exactly this. And I appreciate that. He does so with […]

November 27

Blood in the Snow Review: Evangeline

Karen Lam is a delightful woman. I know this simply from an interview I did with her for a podcast back in July of 2013. An award-winning director, writer, film and television producer, Karen is additionally professional, candid, and never shy about her women horror filmmakers advocacy. She was a natural choice for both me […]